Patrick Carroll

For Billionaire Patrick Carroll, “Giving Back” is a Way of Life

Fueled by His Own Humble Origin Story, the Real Estate Mogul Shows the Next Generation the Meaning of Generosity with Boundless Creativity and Bold Passion

In a climate where “giving back” has become somewhat of a buzzword, it is all too easy for business owners to promote empty actions without capturing the true spirit behind the responsible social impact movement. The movement itself reflects a commitment to uplifting communities for the greater good, yet the growing separation between high-income figureheads and the people or causes they support can reduce such campaigns to nothing more than a marketing ploy aimed at increasing consumer reach.

This is not the case for Patrick Carroll. The influential founder and CEO of CARROLL may be a globally recognized leader in real estate, but his deeply-rooted passion for service stems from real, lived experience that is not soon forgotten. Raised attending The Boys and Girls Club , Carroll spent his childhood with the support of this organization and it truly made a difference. Despite the relentless upheaval in his living situation and relationships, he created his own form of consistency by focusing fully on school work, never losing sight of a future in which he could flourish.

After finishing high school, the hard-scrabble youth continued the steep uphill climb on his own path toward making his earliest dreams a reality. Rather than follow the crowd into the halls of higher education, Carroll followed his hunger for real-world lessons and listened to a counter-cultural instinct that sought applied knowledge over theoretical discourse. Today, he has proven that instinct right, growing CARROLL into an established name backed by nearly 20 years of success and a portfolio worth billions.

While the self-made mogul can claim a string of impressive economic wins, it is his genuine heart of service that truly sets him apart. Within the last year alone, he has continued his ongoing mission to fund youth-oriented programs and initiatives that give the next generation a step up. In February, he joined in the first of ten Boys and Girls Club events where he offered both financial support and hands-on help, providing hundreds of shoes to Florida and Georgia children in need. As a bonus, Carroll took the opportunity to spread hope through the lens of his own story, encouraging countless attendees to pursue their own bright futures.

It was around this same time that the engaging entrepreneur learned of Mila Ivanoff, a 10-year-old girl in St. John’s, Florida who had recently been diagnosed with one the rarest forms of osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Her parents were seeking funding to get Mila the care she desperately needed at a hospital hundreds of miles away in New York. Unfortunately, time was not a luxury they could afford. So, without a moment’s hesitation, Carroll exercised his trademark generosity and relocated the entire family while also covering the expensive, life-saving treatment their daughter needed. The resilient pre-teen, now one of Carroll’s personal heroes, has since been spotted at area events for the benevolent billionaire’s Kicks for Kids non-profit.

As a father of three, Carroll brings the unique combined perspective of a loving parent and once-struggling teen to his philanthropic efforts. He appreciates being in the position to make a real difference in the lives of families like Mila’s, as well as countless youths across the country and around the world. Having been on the receiving end of such help at one time, he is more committed than ever to paying it forward by any means necessary. Now setting his sights on the finish line of 2023, he is eager to let his imagination run wild in an effort to top his own charitable initiatives and make “giving back” more than a catch phrase – a way of life.

About Patrick Carroll:

Patrick is incredibly philanthropic, serving on the board of the Jesuit High School Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay. He is also a member of industry affiliates, donating to more than 50 charities worldwide with a focus on health, wellness, and early childhood development. Patrick strives to be a positive role model for his three sons and seeks to show younger generations there are multiple avenues to success. This commitment has created a personal mission for Patrick, who has made it his goal to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs to prioritize a lifestyle of health and wellness, while also pursuing their dreams.