Niyara Useinova

10 Facts About Niyara Useinova

1 An emerging leader in diplomacy and global governance, currently pursuied a Master of International Relations and Diplomacy at the International Institute in Geneva (IIG).

2 Family and childhood
• born in Uzbekistan, raised in Russia and Europe.

Half Tatar and Russian.
Mother managed a textile factory in Uzbekistan, with distribution in Russia.
• Father, an engineer and artist.

Artistic Pursuits:
• Follows father’s tradition of painting.
• Classical music school, violin classes.

3 Education:
• MIRD IIG (2023)
Specialization:Diplomacy, Geoeconomics, Global Governance, International Political Economy.
• EMAMS (2019):
Specialization: Museums as infrastructure.
• CAS in Finance for the Future UZH
Sustainable Smart Finance and FinTech
• MAS Curating (2016-2018). ZHDK
• Focus: Philosophical aspects, culture, curating.

4 Multicultural and multilingual background
International experience in Switzerland, Italy, UAE, Hong Kong, and Russia.
( italian,english,german,russian)
This helped Niyara Useinova in different countries to go beyond the historical matters and unify them by learning and sharing common essence of the human universe.

5 Languages:
Russian, English, Italian, German.

6 Favorite Writers and Philosophers, Artists:
• Umberto Eco (History of Beauty).
• Eric Reinert (How Rich Countries Got Rich).
Alberto Burri.

7 Publications and Articles:
• Uma moeda única para os BRICS

Infrastructure Diplomacy Lessons from China Niyara Useinova


8 Commitment to Sustainability and Philanthropy:
Periphery’s cultural projects engagement with low economic resources,Artistic village Ozerki, Saint Petersburg.

9 Purpose and Motivations:
poverty and unemployment eradication,
contribution to QoL improving ( quality of life) through economic growth, infrastructure, industrial and cultural diplomacy.

10 Professional advancement: Develop a career where it’s possible to facilitate international dialogue and cooperation in the Global Governance, Geoeconomics.