Police Issue Warning About iPhone’s ‘NameDrop’ Feature

Across the U.S., law enforcement agencies are warning about a new feature on the iPhone that may have privacy and security concerns. In the latest operating system update, iOS 17 introduces the feature “NameDrop.” This extension of the AirDrop feature lets users easily share their contact

Best GPS Fleet Management Software and Systems for 2023

What is GPS Fleet Management Software? GPS fleet management software is used by companies that want to track their vehicles while they are in transit, monitoring for driver safety, fuel efficiency, and accountability. The best GPS fleet management systems include GPS fleet

Give the Gift of Excel and Data Wizardry this Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, many of us ponder the perfect gift. While gadgets and trinkets are always appreciated, there’s a unique, invaluable present that often goes unconsidered — the gift of learning. The Complete Excel, VBA, and Data Science Certification Training Bundle is

Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2023

Keep an eye on these developments that will affect small businesses this year.   Alternative funding sources are becoming more common for small businesses and may be an important option as interest rates rise. Look out for more paid media placements in